‘Bloody Mary’ or just Mary I? | W.U Hstry


The brutal personality of Mary I of England (1553-1558) has countlessly been regurgitated in historiography on the Tudor period. “Bloody Mary” is a name we know a lot more than Mary I, and the associations we link with this cause us to have one limited perspective on her personality as a monarch and the nature of her rule as a whole.

Admittedly, her actions in her own religious and political legislation show her hatred of what she saw…

Source: ‘Bloody Mary’ or just Mary I? | W.U Hstry

3 thoughts on “‘Bloody Mary’ or just Mary I? | W.U Hstry

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  2. Religion has much to answer for in the 16th century, and Mary was undoubtedly manipulated by outsiders, even though she could understandably have been irked by her treatment when she was young.
    Dereham has some connection with Bishop Bonner. His cottage is the oldest building in the town, and home to a small museum.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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