Sanson’s Account Of The Execution Of Louis XVI | History And Other Thoughts

After the execution of Louis XVI, the revolutionary journal ‘Thermomètre du jour’ published an inaccurate report of the event. The paper stated, among other calumnies, that the King had to be led to the scaffold with a pistol held at his temple and that the guillotine had struck his neck instead than his head, thus horribly mutilating him. When the executioner Charles Henri Sanson read this article, he decided to write a full account of the event to set the record straight and sent it to the newspaper. The King, according to Sanson, showed bravery and calmness of mind, which in his opinion, he derived from religion. Here’s his account:

Paris, 20 Feb. 1793; 1st year of the Fr. Rep.


A short absence has prevented my sooner replying to your article concerning Louis Capet. But here is the exact truth as to what passed. On alighting from the carriage for execution, he was told that he must take off his coat; he made some difficulty, saying that they might as well execute him as he was. On [our] representation that that was impossible, he himself assisted in taking off his coat. He again made the same difficulty when his hands were to be tied, but he offered them himself when the person who accompanied him [his confessor] had told him that it…

Source: Sanson’s Account Of The Execution Of Louis XVI | History And Other Thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Sanson’s Account Of The Execution Of Louis XVI | History And Other Thoughts

  1. Quite a coincidence that this topic popped up when it did. I just got done reading Sanson’s “memoirs.” Like the “memoirs” of Madame Tussaud and others, these are accounts by others close to the subject of the “memoirs.” In the case of Sanson, it is his grandson (and last executioner in a line of six Sansons) who relays the stories as told to him by his grandfather or first hand accounts of his experiences.

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  2. Always hard to get to the truth of events, when there are contradicting versions. The one thing we can be sure of, is that he was executed. I presume that it served as good propaganda for the Republicans, to make it sound as unpleasant as possible.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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