Airships over London – in war and peace

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Many people walking past the wall of St Bartholomew’s Hospital on West Smithfield, close to the memorial to William Wallace, stop to look at a series of craters and marks on the wall that look as though they were caused by an explosion of some sort.  It’s easy enough to assume that this damage was caused by a German bomb dropped during the Blitz, but in fact the damage to the wall is older than that.  This damage was caused by one of the very first air raids on London, a terrifying Zeppelin raid in 1915.


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One thought on “Airships over London – in war and peace

  1. An interesting airship history. The fare from Germany to Rio is quoted at 1400 RM in 1934. That was over £120, the same as the annual salary paid to a working person in England at the time. Expensive travel for the very rich.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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