Some Reflections on William Tecumseh Sherman

Emerging Civil War

General-Sherman-AtlantaI must admit, it is exceptionally difficult to reflect on William Tecumseh Sherman. No question, he was one of the most enigmatic individuals of the American Civil War. The mere mention of his name in general company today, 150 years after the end of the conflict, still sparks an intense discussion. More often than not through the course of the conversation it will be made known that Sherman single handedly burned the entire South, which is not necessarily true. But is Sherman’s legacy, which is the subject of my presentation at next month’s Emerging Civil War symposium, the March to the Sea?

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9 thoughts on “Some Reflections on William Tecumseh Sherman

  1. Sherman had undoubted talents, not least inspiring loyalty and determination in those he commanded. Shame he was on the ‘wrong’ side though.
    No notable Vernons in the English Civil War then Sarah? I’m surprised.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. in my family, it is said it was sherman that caused the family’s migration west after losing all they had… i’ll never know for sure tho had many ancestors fighting on both sides. it’s strange to ponder… xo

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      • yes, it was when i discovered a high-ranking man named Scudamore on the union side(i think…) whilst remember old photos of young men who looked like my son at the time… it was a terrible war and as a young child i remember my great grandmother muttering about damn yankees each time she was miffed at one or the other…. seemed everyone in her little country town of cloverdale was a damned yankee and perhaps they were if they weren’t native americans!!! xo

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