Spies, Lies and Smears: The Conservative Party, The Secret State And The Undermining Of Democracy

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The Zinoviev Letter was a forgery that helped to win the election for Stanley Baldwin’s Conservative Party in 1924

The Tories: they truly are a nasty party. The gutter mentality; the venality, the cruelty and the underhanded tactics have been the hallmarks of the Conservative Party’s strategies for nearly a century. Tories consider themselves divinely ordained to ‘lead’ the country. But it wasn’t always thus. The 19th century was dominated by the Liberal Party. For those of you reading this from a country outside of the UK, as well as some of you in it, the Liberals weren’t social liberals; they were economic liberals. Remember this is the party that turned its back on the Irish people during the famine, believing the Invisible Hand of the Market would magically intervene in the tragedy. The Hand is, for all intents and purposes, a transmutation of God employed as a means of…

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Lessons from history.

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I read the following article by Michael Streich and couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Nazi Germany and the current tory government.

Today, Theresa May announced her desire to bring in draconian measures in the shape of the new counter terrorism and security bill, on the grounds that there have been many, many instances of terrorism.

She has failed to provide any proof of this of course.

You can read more about the new bill here :-  http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/nov/24/counter-terrorism-security-bill-proposals-pitfalls

The BBC reports that police have been giving out flyers to members of the public to encourage the public to be their “eyes and ears” on the ground and to report any suspicions about possible terrorists.

That worries me… encouraging members of the public to report their neighbours on nothing more than a suspicion. So people with a grudge against their neighbours can basically have a free rein to make up…

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