Two Nerdy History Girls: An Upcoming Exhibition for Lovers of Historical Shoes

Anyone who reads this blog knows our great love for shoes. We’re not shy about it; we state it right up front, over there beneath our selfie.

With that in mind, I’m delighted to announce an upcoming exhibition devoted not only to historical shoes, but also the women who wore them. Cosmopolitan Consumption: New England Shoe Stories 1750-1850 will be opening on Valentine’s Day (how appropriate!) at the Portsmouth Athenaeum, Portsmouth, NH, and will run through June 5, 2015. Over forty pairs of shoes borrowed from various collections will be featured as well as a number of costumes and accessories, and admission is free. The 1750 print of The Shoe Peddler, above left, appears on the invitations to the exhibition, and the peddler’s wares hint at the diversity of the show as well.

One of this blog’s good friends, Dr. Kimberly Alexander, is co-curator of the exhibition, and she has generously shared advance photos of several of shoes with us.  In the past,”the ankle and instep were considered…

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