Northern and Southern dynasties: An introduction

China History SG

The Han dynasty was one of the early Chinese dynasty that enjoyed developments and progress. Plagued by various problems in the late years, the Han empire disintegrated and soon gave way to civil wars. A brief respite was achieved when Jin 晋 unified China for a short 37 years before the chaos and war returned.

Division and war was never a proud moment in Chinese history. The Chinese considered division as moments of weakness, preferring times of unification where the empire progressed to greater heights. Historians  observed a cyclic pattern of unification and division. It was seen as the norm that China should be unified. When China was fragmented, all the rulers saw it as their duty to bring it back together again. This could be the many reasons why most people knew very little about the period of Northern and Southern dynasties. It is an extremely complicated period, if you…

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