18th and 19th Century: Madame Maria Teresa, the Amazing Corsican Fairy

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One of the smallest woman in the world was Madame Maria Teresa (sometimes spelled Teresia), who became known as the Corsican Fairy and usually billed as the “Amazing Corsican Fairy.” She was born in 1743 in Corsica at Stata Ota, and, by the time she was in her twenties she had attained a height of a mere 34 inches and weighed just 26 pounds.

The Corsican Fairy was claimed to be an ideal miniature person. One newspaper described her as “being a beauty, her exact proportion and symmetry, may without the least falsehood, allow her to be called one of the most perfect and admirable productions of human nature in miniature.” The newspaper also noted that she spoke French and Italian with the “greatest vivacity” and she was also described as vivacious, spirited, and intelligent.

She appeared in England several times. Her first appearance seem to have occurred in 1770. In 1771 she appeared at several fairs, including the Bury Fair, Bartholomew, and Colchester Fair. She reappeared in England in 1773, 1774, and, in 1775, when she exhibited herself in London.

People were impressed by the Corsican Fairy and this included London’s…

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