Massive Monument Found Next to Stonehenge – artnet News

A rendering of the newly discovered Durrington Walls henge. Photo: via The Daily Mail

As if Stonehenge wasn’t impressive and mystifying enough, scientists have now discovered another massive Neolithic monument just one mile away from it.”

Stonehenge II,” as it has been dubbed by the Daily Mail, was found buried 3 feet underground. The huge 4,500-year-old monument is formed by over 90 stones arranged in a straight line.

“We’re looking at one of the largest stone monuments in Europe and it has been under our noses for something like 4,000 years,” the archaeologist Vince Gaffney, who leads the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project, told the Daily Mail. “It’s truly remarkable.”

“We presume it to be a ritual…

Source: Massive Monument Found Next to Stonehenge – artnet News