10 American States With the Most Lynchings of Black People From 1882-1968

Gallant South


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An honor guard fires a volley as re-enactors raise a Confederate flag during the dedication of the Confederate Memorial Park at 10418 E U.S. 92 in Tampa.

The Great State of South Carolina still proudly flies the battle flag of the Confederate States of America – part of the “heritage” ya know.

And here in my adopted city of Tampa we too have those with the “heritage’. 

A 50’X30′ foot Confederate flag flies in Tampa, Florida, the metro area where I now live. It flies on private property at the intersection of I-75 and I-4.  The property was purchased specifically to fly the battle flag of the Slave State by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

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Application was made to the City Counsel for a zoning variance for an extra high flag pole to “fly a flag”.  The pole is 139 feet high.  Illumination at night ensures the flag is seen for miles.  No one apparently told the City Counsel which flag.  Then again maybe they did.  When the…

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