The Other Orientalism: Colonialism in the Caucasus | JSTOR Daily

When discussing Orientalism and the Muslim world, we usually talk about the Middle East: its hoary stereotypes of both beauty and danger that cast the region—to quote an oft-mocked LA Times job posting for a Middle East correspondent—as a place of “ancient and dazzling cultures… [with] mesmerizing variety, deep intellectual history, turbulent social upheaval…and capability for brutish violence.”

Much has been made of that LA Times posting, and of the wider problem of Orientalism in the English-speaking media. But as the fight against ISIS expands, we would do well to remember that the Middle East is not the only historic canvas on which Orientalist and colonialist notions of Islam have converged.

For centuries, the Caucasus was to the Russian Empire what the Middle East was to…

Source: The Other Orientalism: Colonialism in the Caucasus | JSTOR Daily