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collinsonThere is something disarmingly strengthening when you hear that innocent piping voice of history whispering from the unencumbered past, ‘excuse me, but I think you are perhaps mistaken…”

I am not a climatologist, but…

I am certain that the congregation of the pro-warmist faith is probably 99 per cent made up of people just as ill-qualified as me to pontificate. Still, as they do, so shall I. Here goes. Warmists of course hide behind their elect — their priesthood of ‘experts’ who all agree that the Earth is warming as never before. Every chance storm or dry spell is another “I told you so”.

Warmists concede that the Romans had it hot across…

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The Roman girl buried beneath a London landmark | Flickering Lamps

30 St Mary Axe – better known by its nickname “The Gherkin” – is one of the most distinctive skyscrapers in London.  It stands on the site of the old Baltic Exchange, which was badly damaged by a Provisional IRA bomb in 1992 and subsequently demolished.  It was during excavations taking place prior to the construction of the Gherkin that, in 1995, the skeleton of a Roman Londoner who had lain undisturbed for 1,600 years was discovered.

On Bury Street, on one side of the skyscraper, there is an open paved area with seating and sculptures.  On the side of one of the low, smooth walls that double up as seats is a quite unexpected…

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Julius Caesar’s genocide in the Netherlands discovery | Dear Kitty. Some blog

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Julius Caesar fought battle near Oss

Archaeologists say they found the final proof that Julius Caesar has marched around in what is now the Netherlands. They have identified the location of a battle in 55 BC in which Caesar defeated two Germanic tribes. Which took place at the present village Kessel in the municipality of Oss.

These two tribes were the…

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