Five important history books of 2015. | If It Happened Yesterday, It’s History

I am usually not one to review books on this website, but I cannot let the year slip by without mentioning some of the books that have engaged me and stirred my imagination over the year. With hundreds of history titles published every year, I’m afraid I have to be picky about the history books I purchase and read. There simply just isn’t enough time to read new books and try to juggling the research and reading required for two blogs (that I run), plus the added distraction of work and family life. This list features those books published in 2015 that I have read. I hope you find, amongst the books listed below, something that interests you. Enjoy!

Great empires and war have a strong presence in this list for 2015. First of all, Mary Beard’s SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome (Profile Books Ltd) examines how Rome grew from a small village to a power that controlled vast territory from Britain to Syria. Though this is not just a history that covers 1,000 years of political intrigue and warfare. The mechanisms of Roman life, how Romans thought about themselves and I suppose almost everything you ever wanted to ask about ancient Rome is dotted throughout this book. I have read many books on Ancient Rome and this is definitely a gem. As one of the most renowned classicists, Mary Beard sifts through fact from fiction, as if…

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