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The design for the Peacock fountain from The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices.

When people think of the medieval or early modern period, often it conjures images of the witch trials across the western world. These people are considered a superstitious bunch, deeply religious,…

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Meet Elektro the Robot

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Built in 1937, 8171223_f260

Elektro the Robot truly was one of a kind.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, Westinghouse Electrical Laboratories was in direct competition for a good deal of their business with a very strong adversary indeed— namely, General Electric.

General Electric, a direct descendent of Thomas Edison’s ‘Edison General Electric Company’ had been a leader in electric and electronic research throughout the early part of the century, and Westinghouse was looking for a public project that could out do anything GE had come up with.

Specifically, Westinghouse wanted a robot, and they started serious research on it as far back as 1924.

Their first metal robot was called “Herbert Televox”, developed by Roy Wensley at Westinghouse’s East Pittsburgh plant…

It was primitive, but it could rise from a seated position, respond to commands given in the form of whistles, and switch appliances on and off.

WillieVocalite‘Herbert’ went through several…

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