April 22, 1918 – The Red Baron – Today in History

By way of comparison, the highest scoring Allied ace of the Great War was Frenchman René Fonck, with 75 confirmed victories. The highest scoring fighter pilot from the British Empire was Canadian B…

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Baron Manfred von Richthofen [The Red Baron]

The King and Country debate has been described previously on this blog. It was a talk at Oxford Students’ Union 9 Feb 1933, which saw 275 to 153 students vote for the motion ‘that this House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country’. This surprisingly pacifist stance from a major British institution attracted first British then international attention. Beach argued in the previous post that the influence of the debate was certainly felt on the streets in other countries: it damaged British prestige or at least gave the sense that Britain was supine in a decade when it would need to be martial and energetic. However, it was also noted that the evidence that the debate swung opinions in the German high command was slight. The only evidence for this comes down, in fact, to (i) some bombastic words from Churchill and…

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