Kick Kennedy, the Marquess & the Earl – Turtle Bunbury


Seventy years ago today, a plane crash in southern France ended the life of Kick Kennedy, oldest sister of Jack and Bobby, and her lover, Peter, Earl Fitzwilliam. This story recounts the series of events that lead up to the tragedy and the remarkable Irish connections to each of the protagonists…

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How Amelia’s Plane Was Found – The Daily Beast

A little more detail about the metal fragment that appears to match Amelia Earhart’s Lockhead Elektra.

Two decades after finding a piece of metal on a remote Pacific atoll, Ric Gillespie says he has proof it was used to patch the aviator’s plane—and it fits ‘like a fingerprint.’

The words that changed everything came after his wife had wandered off to photograph a collapsed building. Ric Gillespie continued to examine some of the flotsam washed up by the big storm that must have hit Gardner Island since their previous visit two years before.

“You might want to come over and look at this,” his wife, Pat Thrasher, suddenly called out…

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