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mr-lawson-charles-darwinA Norwegian living on the Galápagos Islands may have changed the history of biology.

Nicolai Olaus Lossius was baptized in Veøy Church outside Molde in late 1790. No one in his family where sailors, yet he settled far from Molde and never returned.At 16, he went to sea, and one day many years later fate wanted him to meet a young man who would become one of the world’s most famous scientist.


On 24 September 1835, HMS Beagle anchored up in Floreana of the Galápagos Islands. On board the ship was the 26-year-old theology student and coming scientist Charles Darwin.

The local governor was not present to greet him and the others on the ship, so the lieutenant governor welcomed them. The lieutenant governor was Nicholas Oliver Lawson.

In fact, that was not his real name. He was Nicolai Olaus Lossius from Norway.

Librarian Anders Kvernberg at the National Library of Norway has tracked Lossius through old letters, church records, sailor records and newspapers. He wanted to find out whether it was possible that Lossius actually met Darwin in…

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