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HMAS Whyalla in camouflage in New Guinea

The part played by the Hydrographic Surveying Services of the Royal Australian Navy was acknowledged by the Allied leaders of the Southwest Pacific Area as an integral factor contributing to the su…

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Knighthood on the Quarter-deck | The Rant Foundry

Though it was not without precedent for a Knighthood ceremony to take place on board one of His Majesty’s ships, it was a rare distinction, however, to receive the accolade on the quarter-deck as R…

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February 1943 (2)

Pacific Paratrooper

"Warm Reception" by Jim Dietz of the Guadalcanal Cactus Air Force. “Warm Reception” by Jim Dietz of the Guadalcanal Cactus Air Force.

7-18 February – Chiang Kai-shek agreed to use his forces in the Burma campaign, but as usual, this was in exchange for a promise of even more US financial aid.  Mahatma Gandhi started his 21-day hunger strike in India in his non-violent opposition to British policies in his country.

Chindits 1943 Chindits 1943

The 47th and 55th Indian Brigades were beaten back at Donbaik in the Arakan peninsula.  The Chindits opposed the enemy for the first time on the 18th in Burma and advanced.  They managed to cut the Japanese railroad line between Mandalay and Myitkyina.

New Guinea New Guinea

12 February – the Allies initiated the Elkton Plan; a campaign designed by MacArthur to eject the Japanese from New Guinea, New Britain and the Solomons.  This would isolate the enemy headquarters at Rabaul.  (The original plan included capturing Rabaul, but was scrapped…

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Kokoda Track -Brigade Hill

Pacific Paratrooper

On Brigade Hill Chow time on Brigade Hill

Brigadier Arnold Potts was faced with superior Japanese numbers and chose the area to make a stand; Brigade Hill.  This impressive mountain ridge, about half-way along the Track, with Mission Ridge extending from its north face [south of Efogi]; the eastern side has a steep drop and the west slopes down to the Fagume River.

A Company, 2/14 Infantry Battalion, August 1942 A Company, 2/14 Infantry Battalion, August 1942

On 6 September, the forward observation from the 2/14, Australia’s Maroubra Force, were unnerved by the sight of lanterns used by the Japanese moving down the over Efogi village.  The enemy proceeded to encircle the troops.  At first light on 8 September, Lance Corporal John Gill was shot by a sniper.  The battle for Headquarters Company had begun, units were cut off and the enemy caused heavy casualties.  A withdrawal was ordered.  The Japanese Nankai Shitai Force, under MGen. Horii, has pushed them…

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