Disdéri’s Photo Studio: Kings, Queens, and Pretty  Legs | Victorian Paris

Photographic portraiture in the mid 19th century was a slow and expensive process until a clever man invented the carte de visite format. The inventor, André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri, juxtaposed mult…

Source: Disdéri’s Photo Studio: Kings, Queens, and Pretty  Legs | Victorian Paris

The mysterious selfie queen of Paris high society

When she first visited the photography studio of Mayer & Pierson in 1856, Virginia Oldoini had already become notorious in Paris society. Married at 17 to Italian Count Francesco Verasis di Castiglione, she had been dispatched to Paris to convince Napoleon III to support Italian unification — instead, she promptly became his mistress.

Their dalliance was brief but helped establish her reputation as a…

Source: The mysterious selfie queen of Paris high society

Empress Eugenie’s Sewing Circle: 1866

Mrs Daffodil Digresses

 EugenieEugenie’s Latest Whim

The fashionable female world will be astounded at the latest whim which has seized the beautiful French Empress. For some time odd rumors have been circulated, which are now thought to have an origin in the far-reaching policy of the Emperor, rather any change of the Empress. Visitors admitted to the privilege of seeing their Majesties in the retirement of domestic life have expressed their astonishment at the simplicity of dress adopted by Eugenie. A plain dress without trimming, and worn with only a linen collar and cuffs, was said to be her costume on one occasion. In the recent speech made by the Emperor before the Corps Legislatif, he declared himself tired of hearing about more liberty for France. What France wanted was not more liberty, but greater simplicity, virtue and happiness. To this speech Jules Favre made a terrible reply.

He showed that, under…

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