18th and 19th Century: The Bandit of Paris: Cartouche

Louis Dominique Garthausen, better known as Cartouche, was born in 1693 in Paris (although there are also assertions that he was born two years later in Marais). His father was a hardworking cooper who sent Cartouche to school at the Jesuit college of Clermont where at a young age Cartouche, who was described as being of “indifferent” appearance, was taught classical and theological subjects. However, Cartouche’s religious education did not sway him to lead a righteous life, and, in fact, his time at the religious school seemed to have caused the opposite affect as he chose a life a crime.

Cartouche incorrigibleness began at the early age of eleven while he was with the Jesuits. One of his first incorrigible acts occurred when he stole and disposed of…

Source: 18th and 19th Century: The Bandit of Paris: Cartouche