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In the early 1850s, in what is now Italy, the soon-to-be-country’s revolutionary nationalists hated in equal measure the Austrians for occupying much of the north and the Pope who was sustained by …

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To what extent was the Kingdom of Italy actually unified after the Unification of Italy?



Above: the architects of Italian unification (1861). 

Mazzini,the founding father of the kingdom of Italy described Italy in 1871 as a ‘living lie’,’the dead corpse of Italy’ and ‘the ghost of Italy. He was very unhappy about the state of things.

To begin with very few Italians spoke Italian, and most of them did not consider themselves Italian but Piedmontese,Tuscan or Neapolitan. Italian was spoken only by 2.5% of the population of 26 million.

Another major problem faced by the Italian kingdom was the division that existed between the North and the South of Italy. In the south the majority of the population was illiterate, lived in poverty and was near starvation. Cavour saw unity as the expansion of his own state, Piedmont. The people of the south had little or no say in how Italy was run, they simply had Piedmontese rules enforced on them. The immediate results of…

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