Notorious Nazi Found Guilty of Crimes Against the Jewish People.

December 15th, 1961

Nazi SS-Colonel Adolf Eichmann was found guilty of many of the most heinous crimes of World War Two and twentieth century history on December 15, 1961, in a district court in Jerusalem, Israel. He was subsequently put to death for his role in the deportation of Jewry across occupied Europe during the Holocaust, six months later at midnight on June 1st, 1962.

As a relative nobody, Eichmann successfully rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Nazi regime, who coordinated the deportation of millions of Jews, from Poland to occupied parts of Russia in the north of Europe to Belgium and Hungary in central Europe. In Hungary, for instance, Adolf Eichmann personally made his presence felt by supervising the…

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Josef Jakobs – the Last Execution At The Tower Of London.


 Josef Jakobs, the last person executed at the Tower of London.
Josef Jakobs, the last person executed at the Tower of London.

The Tower of London, nowadys a popular tourist destination. Once also a prison, defensive fortress, a crime scene (if you believe, as I do, that the ‘Princes in the Tower’ were murdered here) and also the site of a number of execution. Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey (who was the shortest-reigning Queen in British history, in office for only nine days), and of host of others. And it’s one of those others that we’re looking at today.

If you’re thinking, as so many do, that the Tower’s reputation for executions ended in medieval times then you’d be wrong. 11 German spies were shot there in the First World War and one in the Second. He was Josef Jakobs from Luxembourg, executed by firing squad on August 15, 1941, who holds the grim distinction of being the last prisoner executed…

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