Maya Angelou, Malcolm X & Cuba

mayateatowelIt was 1965 in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Maya Angelou had been set up there for a few years working as a journalist. It was a long way from her birthplace in St Louis (Missouri), but she enjoyed life in Africa.

One day in January, her son, Guy, got home from school to find a feast of fried chicken – his mum’s speciality – laid out. But that wasn’t the most striking thing in…

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The Granma

December 2nd, 1956

Shortly before 5.00am on the 2nd of December 1956, a small shabby boat named the Granma ran aground in a marshy area known as Purgatory Point on the south-western tip of eastern Cuba. On board this boat were 82 men, who set sail seven days earlier from a small port town of Tuxpan in Mexico with thoughts of revolution. Amongst them was the Cuban resistance leader Fidel Castro and his brother Raul and Ernesto Guevara, who the world would come to know simply as ‘Che’. Led by Castro, this motley band of exiles and fugitives would eventually overthrow the regime of President Batista of Cuba in 1959.

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