An American Insurrection in the Irish Streets | The History Bandits

In the quiet Dublin streets of Easter Monday, 1916, columns of men and women began to move. Dressed in a menagerie of green uniforms, civilian clothes, and bandoliers and armed with Mauser rifles, …

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The Manchester Irish Volunteers in the 1916 Easter Rising | GM 1914

Liam Parr as a young man

This is the long hidden story of the group of men from the Manchester area who, in the middle of the Great War, chose to go to Ireland and fight against the British army by joining the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin.

It is a fascinating tale but one that had been lost to history and had only survived in rumours passed down in families.

Finding the truth became…

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A Family at War | historywithatwist

Charlie Weston, freedom fighter

Charlie Weston, freedom fighter

A man I have known for a long time was surprised to see me at a press conference recently for the launch of a report on life in Ireland in 1916. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) had put together a fascinating databank laying bare the low life expectancy, the grinding poverty and the chronic overcrowding of 100 years ago.

The figures were so stark that statistician Helen Cahill admitted at the press conference that she was in tears compiling the report, such was the deprivation back then. But my friend was puzzled to see me at the launch of ‘Life in 1916 Ireland: Stories from Statistics’.

“With a name like Weston, you guys must have been on the British side?,” he suggested, only half joking.On the contrary, I replied, there were…

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Easter 1916 – Victorian Treasures

Demolition of 27 North Earl Street

“An elderly man stands utterly bewildered. Before him, his business and home are smouldering, black smoke billows from the skeletal remains and an acrid smell pervades the April air. Beside him, his wife and daughters stand, staring in horror. They have lost everything. All that remains of their home is a gable wall with fireplaces hanging grotesquely in mid-air. All is dust. Black and twisted remnants of their lives are the only signs that they had ever lived there. Too traumatised to even cry, they stand, silent and uncomprehending.”

The family referred to above is mine, the gentleman my great-grandfather. Easter week 1916 claimed his business and…

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Ireland’s Dirty War… | historywithatwist

Members of The Squad (from left) Mick McDonnell, Liam Tobin, Vinny Byrne, Paddy Daly and Jim Slattery

Right now, Ireland is gearing up to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Rising. Events will be held throughout the country to mark the moment when a brave few hundred stood up against the British Empire and sowed the seeds of a nationwide rebellion that would come to fruition just a few years later in the Irish War of Independence . . . at least that’s one narrative doing the rounds. Another narrative berates the irresponsibility of the rebels and the destruction their actions brought upon the country.

Whichever version you choose, rest assured that there will be much basking in a green national glow. The 1916 Rising was pivotal, as was the War of Independence. Both are momentous occasions in the history of this State. However, there is one other huge moment when arms were taken up to fight for a cause . . .Ireland’s Civil War, which ran from June 1922 to May of 1923.

It was 11 months of bloody struggle in which atrocities occurred far worse than…

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