The legend of the Camden castles | Waterfront

It was while working on Time Out’s annual pub guide in 2000 that I heard the tale of the Camden castles. A reviewer claimed that there were once four Camden pubs with castle in their name – the Edinboro, Windsor, Dublin and Pembroke – and these had originally been built for navvies digging Regent’s Canal. The gist was that each national group – Scots, English, Irish, Welsh – was assigned a pub to keep them happy. More precisely, to stop them from scrapping with one another. This urban legend is now found all over the Internet, although the story varies – sometimes the Caernarvon Castle is included, and often the pubs are said to have been built for the railway navvies.

It’s a great yarn but if it seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. David Hayes carefully takes the theory apart in the November 2014 newsletter of the Camden History Society by pointing out that the pubs weren’t built at the same time but…

Source: The legend of the Camden castles | Waterfront