A Very Dangerous Woman: Baroness Moura Budberg – Wonders & Marvels

Spy, seductress, aristocrat, Baroness Moura Budberg was a mystery to everyone who knew her, even her closest friends and her children.

In London in the 1950s, she was a renownedMoura in Moscow 1918 saloniste; nobody else had the magnetic charm or the air of danger and mystery that surrounded Baroness Budberg, and her soirées attracted Graham Greene, Laurence Olivier, Guy Burgess, Bertrand Russell, David Lean, E. M. Forster, Peter Ustinov – all came to drink …

Source: A Very Dangerous Woman: Baroness Moura Budberg – Wonders & Marvels

I have just finished reading the book co-authored by Deborah McDonald and Jeremy Dronfield and it’s excellent.  Sarah Vernon

Two Bullets for Lenin | toritto

Fanya Kaplan was a poor peasant girl born in Tsarist Russia on February 10, 1890.  She never went to school; what education she received she got at home.  Her four brothers and two sisters lived the same peasant life.

And she soon learned to hate her life and the Tsarist officials who treated them like the Russian dirt beneath their feet.

In her teens she became involved in radical politics, joining the Socialist Revolutionary Party and in 1906 she took part in a plot to kill a Tsarist official in Kiev.

She was arrested by the secret police and sentenced to…

Source: Two Bullets for Lenin | toritto