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Arthur Bliss (right) with his brother Kennard on the steps of their London home in 1915. Copyright Cambridge University Library

As part of the University Library’s exhibition celebrating the 125th anniversary of Sir Arthur Bliss’s birth, and as a tribute to those whose lives were lost during the Battle of the So…

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Three Composers who stood against war.


It is strange that at a time when the people of the world are seeking peace, that so much time is spent looking at wars, and heroes of wars, and so little time is spent investigating those who had the strength to stand out from their societies and refuse to fight.

Here are three twentieth century British composers, who refused to fight in the world wars, and suffered much, both financially(as people refused for some time to play their work) creatively (as people poured huge scorn and hatred against them) and socially. They went on to be seen as three of the great composers of the century, and wrote three of the greatest anti war pieces of music, two of them commissioned to celebrate the same event, the opening of the Leicester Cathedral, which stands next to the bombed out remains of the old Cathedral.

The three composers were Benjamin…

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