A Short Analysis of Isaac Rosenberg’s ‘The Troop Ship’ | Interesting Literature

According to Robert Graves, Isaac Rosenberg was one of the three poets of significance who died during the First World War. Although his reputation has been overshadowed by Wilfred Owen (who died in 1918, the same year as Rosenberg), he was an important voice during WWI, as his short poem ‘The Troop Ship’ demonstrates. Here is the poem, followed by a brief analysis of its features.

The Troop Ship
Grotesque and queerly huddled
Contortionists to twist…

Source: A Short Analysis of Isaac Rosenberg’s ‘The Troop Ship’ | Interesting Literature

An analytical perspective on the ‘Armada Portrait’

Painted in 1588, the Armada Portrait sums up the devastating or triumphant events of the same year, depending on the view you take. Elizabeth I successfully fought off the Spanish Catholic threat that was openly supported by Pope Sixtus V and led by King Philip II.

The Queen herself is portrayed as a heroic warrior, which is illustrated through the paintings of the jubilant happenings within the naval war within the portrait, giving a dramatic insight of another place and time in the painting.  Elizabeth’s face is…

Source: An analytical perspective on the ‘Armada Portrait’