World War I Combat Artists – Andre Smith | The Unwritten Record

Local Identifier 111-SC-20139. Regimental Headquarters near Belleau Woods, located in the farm house known as Maison Blanc. It was occupied at the time of my visit, June 28th, 1918, by Colonel Neville of the Marines. By Captain J. Andre Smith

Among the many images drawn by Captain Andre Smith, several capture the American experience in Belleau Wood.  Belleau Wood is famous for exemplifying the courage, grit and determination of the Marine Corps which made up the 5th and 6th regiments of the 2nd Division.In early June 1918, the American 2nd Division joined with the French Army long the Marne River to drive the Germans out.  The division was…

Source: World War I Combat Artists – Andre Smith | The Unwritten Record