18th Century Stomachers – All Things Georgian

Like everything in fashion, stomachers came in and out of vogue, but during the 18th century they were very much statement pieces especially those made for the wealthier members of society and the …

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Georgian Hair and Clothing – Fashionable but Fatal

All Things Georgian

The extravaganza, or, The mountain head dress of 1776 The extravaganza, or, The mountain head dress of 1776 Courtesy of Lewis Walpole Library

Georgian fashion dictated that women wore ‘big dresses’ accompanied by even bigger hair  so with all that fabric and ‘high hair’ fashion it should come as no surprise that accidents happened. With that in mind we thought we would take a peek at the fires caused by the fashions of the day. We had no idea that there were so many incidents reported in the newspapers about hair and fabric being set alight by the open fires and so many deaths resulting from these incidents, so here are just a few.

London Chronicle (London, England), September 28, 1776 – October 1, 1776

Edinburgh, Sept 25. We hear from Dundee, that a few days ago, as a young lady was writing, the candle set her head-dress on fire. It burnt some time before she was…

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