Ivan The Terrible crowned Russia’s first Czar.


January 16th 1547

Ivan The Terrible crowned Russia’s first Czar.

Although the Grand Prince of Moscow, Ivan IV had already effectively ruled Russia since 1533, he decided to raise the stakes and had himself officially crowned as the first Russian Czar (Caesar) on January 16th 1547. His bold coronation was a message to his subjects and Europe that he saw himself, like the Byzantine’s once did, as God’s representative here on earth. Greatly influenced by the Metropolitan of Moscow, Saint Macarius, to establish Russia as a Christian state, Ivan tied his new position…

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French Cooking Terms in the Victorian Era | Geri Walton

Catherine de Medici

Catherine de Medici

In the Middle Ages, French food was similar to Moorish cuisine and it did not change until Catherine de Medici married Henry duc d’Orléans (who later became Henry II of France). When Catherine came to France in 1533, Italy was the leader in cuisine, and she brought with her numerous Italian chefs, who were busy creating many wonderful and unique Italian delicacies, such as macaroni, manicotti, and lasagna. Catherine’s fine cooks then introduced their culinary secrets to the French court and skilled culinary craftsmen soon began to emerge in France. By the 17th and 18th centuries, Haute Cuisine or “High Cuisine,” developed in France, along with the idea of “French cooking.”  Thus, France became known internationally as…

Source: French Cooking Terms in the Victorian Era | Geri Walton