WWII Heroines: Violette Szabo | A R T L▼R K

A reblog of a reblog because the original link is no longer extant!
On the 26th of June 1921, Violette Szabo, daughter of an English cabbie and a French dressmaker was born in Paris. Raised in Britain, she married at a young age, but lost her husband when he was ki…

Source: WWII Heroines: Violette Szabo | A R T L▼R K

2 thoughts on “WWII Heroines: Violette Szabo | A R T L▼R K

    • I believe you did. McKenna was miscast but at least Scofield gave gravitas. I think it’s time for a remake if only to correct some of the fictions and have somebody suitable play her. Not the greatest actress but the first name that comes to mind – though she may be too old now – is Catherine Zeta Jones. Actually, going back to McKenna, I watched something on YouTube the other day in which she was rather good. I was directed there by a friend because my father was in it giving one of his dithering colonel performances! I never saw it originally as I was working but the whole production was good and full of great names like Dilys Laye and Ronald Pickup. They don’t make ’em like that these days. It was N C Hunter’s play, Waters of the Moon and made in ’83.

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