Twelve Reasons Why the Falklands War Was A Closer Call Than You Think

The Falklands War is looked back on by many as a forgone conclusion. Lasting only ten weeks, and it resulted in clear British victory. But this war between Argentina and Britain could have gone either way. As Major-General John Jeremy Moore, commander of the British land forces in the war, put it, “It was a very close-run thing.”

via Twelve Reasons Why the Falklands War Was A Closer Call Than You Think

2 thoughts on “Twelve Reasons Why the Falklands War Was A Closer Call Than You Think

  1. I knew people who served in that war, and later joined the ambulance service. They were bitter at times, considering that the Argentine Army had been underestimated, and expected to collapse as soon as the landings began. It was obvious that the Argentine air force was also greatly underestimated, and the loss of our warships was greeted with great shock and surprise.
    It is also worth remembering that despite Thatcher’s gung-ho attitude later, it was her government that introduced the changes to ‘nationality’. This would have removed the islanders’ guaranteed status as British citizens, and was arguably the catalyst for the Argentine invasion in the first place.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • None of that is a surprise. Thatcher’s jingoism was shocking and dangerous. The war actually feels closer in time than more recent excursions/incursions. It’s the number of soldiers still with undiagnosed PTSD that exercises me most. Disgusting time in our history.

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