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A guest post by LH Member Suzie Grogan. This article first appeared in London Historians Members’ Newsletter from November 2013. Before 1914, the idea that war could be waged in the air was b…

Source: The ‘First’ Blitz | London Historians’ Blog

2 thoughts on “The ‘First’ Blitz | London Historians’ Blog

  1. That jam factory in Bermondsey was later taken over by Hartley’s. As a child, I could smell the sweet aroma of the boiling jam, mixed with the smells of Peek Freans biscuit factory, where my Mum worked, in the offices. I heard stories of people killed during WW1 at the jam factory, but they were always exaggerated in number.
    The anti-aircraft shells could not get enough height to damage the enemy bombers, and the fighters sent to shoot them down had similar problems. A wake up call for what was to come, in 1940.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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