Ryde Lifeboat Disaster 1 January 1907 – RSHG RSHG

Selina Lifeboat

In the early afternoon of New Years Day 1907, Augustus Jarrett, master of the 56-ton barge “Jane”, complained to Mr Brooks, Chief Officer of the Coastguards, that a boat belonging to the barge had been stolen and he was referred to the police. It was later thought the boat had not been tied up properly and the rising tide and wind had carried her away.

Later in the afternoon a man was seen to put off from the Dover Street slipway in a small boat and was observed…

Source: Ryde Lifeboat Disaster 1 January 1907 – RSHG RSHG

2 thoughts on “Ryde Lifeboat Disaster 1 January 1907 – RSHG RSHG

  1. My own fear of water, and my admiration for the bravery of lifeboat volunteers, has meant that I have supported the RNLI all my working life. I am still a Shoreline Member, and send them regular donations.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Likewise, though not the fear of water. We have a lifeboat in Bembridge and the building that houses it at the end of the pier has been rebuilt during the last few years and looks tremendous. I meant to go down there for ‘Yellow Welly Week’ the other day as a new recruit meant there was going to be a launch. It sounds like schadenfreude but when I was a child down here, I used to be thrilled by the sound of the maroons. This is probably because I imagined they were off to find pirates!

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