May 12, 2008 Angel of Warsaw – Today in History

All told, Irena Sendler saved about 2,400 Jewish children and infants and about 100 teenagers, who went into the forests to join partisan bands fighting the Nazis. The far better known Oskar Schind…

Source: May 12, 2008, Angel of Warsaw – Today in History

22 thoughts on “May 12, 2008 Angel of Warsaw – Today in History

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            • Your situation worries me as much as ours. If the Tories win the election, we’re stuffed as a country. People believe the endless lies, even as they endorse opposition to Trump. They’re being hoodwinked by the right-wing media and not bothering to search for the truth about the destruction of everything that has previously made the UK a decent, compassionate country to live. The austerity cuts have ruined people’s lives and too many people have died. One death is one too many. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents fought for what? They fought for a brief interval of reasonable lives. Now we are back to a 1930s and 1940s situation the world over and it’s more than terrifying. Thanks, Karen, for commenting.

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            • I lived in London or rather Hampstead Heath and I loved it, I loved England and all of the British Isles. So beautiful in 1986-89, I hope it still is the same, but it sounds like things have changed greatly. I also lived in the Middle East for 6 years. I believe the onset of the destabilization Middle East countries, began with America, because Pres. Bush destabilized the Middle East and that caused, overtime, the beginning of the migration of displaced peoples to Europe and Britain. War should be the last response to an aggressive action by a foriegn country and not a knee-jerk reaction of bravado, but that is what Pres. Bush did. My opinion anyway! Karen

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