The Children’s Crusade | Crusader History

The Children’s Crusade

In the year 1212, tens of thousands children, put down their ploughs, carts, the flocks they tended, claiming it be God’s will, and joined the Children’s Crusade to the Holy Land. In May of 1212, a…

Source: The Children’s Crusade | Crusader History

2 thoughts on “The Children’s Crusade | Crusader History

  1. I wrote about this in Theory of Irony. The traditional story, it seems, needs some tinkering and revision. What little written evidence exists suggests the word “child” was used in much the same slang way a rural, backwoods singer might call be called a “country boy.” The Crusade was not engaged by small children, but likely adolescents and young adults. Still, enough of the narrative remains to defy credulity. And nothing that passed for an institution at that time – church, government or military – took sufficient action to stop it.

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