How WWII is Taught Across Europe (and Japan).

A thread has recently blown up on Reddit which asked the question: Germans, Japanese, and Italians of Reddit, What did you learn about WW2 in School? The questioner was specific to the axis countri…

Source: How WWII is Taught Across Europe (and Japan).

4 thoughts on “How WWII is Taught Across Europe (and Japan).

  1. It’s a sad thing for entire generations of innocent Germans. Yet it must not be forgotten. Shame on the Japanese though. Nan-kin and other atrocities were just as – if not more – vicious yet they’d never admit guilt.

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  2. Most interesting, and insightful too. I think that the Italian reply was the most telling. They seem to have successfully whitewashed their own part in everything, emerging as victims who were ‘liberated’ by the allies. I would like to see more articles like this. It also reminded me of a film, something that often happens…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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