In Defence of Empire | The York Historian

The British Empire often conjures some terrible national memories. This article instead explores the positive, constructive impact of the Empire…

Source: In Defence of Empire | The York Historian

2 thoughts on “In Defence of Empire | The York Historian

  1. A spirited attempt to defend the indefensible. However you dress it up, our empire was about conquest, greed, and domination. We built the railways to move goods and armies around faster, not to help those we oppressed. One of the reasons for the First World War was the protection of empires beyond Europe, and look what happened there.
    Above all, we must remember that none of the people in those countries ever asked us to come and ‘civilize’ them in the first place. As for protecting the so-called democracies from Communism after WW2, that was also a blatant display of self-interest.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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