The History Girls: Reconciliation by Julie Summers

I promised last month I was going to tell a story of the most remarkable show of reconciliation I have ever come across. In August 1945 prisoners of the Japanese were released after three and a half years in captivity. The had been used as slaves by their captors, most famously on the Thailand Burma Railway, but also in mines, on roads and in quarries. Of the 60,000 men who were forced to work on the notorious Death Railway, over 12,000 never returned. It is said that the cost was a life for every sleeper laid along its 415 kilometer length. In addition to the Allied soldiers who died, a shocking 83,000 Malay, Burmese and Tamils also perished, mostly of disease as…

Source: The History Girls: Reconciliation by Julie Summers

2 thoughts on “The History Girls: Reconciliation by Julie Summers

  1. A truly wonderful story of bravery and sheer determination. I doubt I could have been so forgiving, so much respect to Bill for his actions.
    (I am also annoyed about ‘Home Fires’!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Yes. These kinds of stories fill my heart with joy. For all the shit that humans are capable of, it just needs one instance of immense courage and forgiveness to restore one’s faith in human nature.


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