A Regency Romance

Edmund Leighton: On the Threshold (1900). Manchester Art Gallery. Image source: Wikipedia

What explains the enduring appeal of the Regency Romance?(Question arises from the latest audio book I’ve narrated, already successfully released in USA 10 days ago, by a subsidiary of over-mighty Amazon).

Why has that period in history lent itself more than any other to our fantasies about courtship and social acceptance? The origins of its potency lie older and deeper than the comedies of manners written prolifically by Georgette Heyer, the doyenne of Regency Romance fiction, and the costume rom-coms of the film and movie industries of…

Source: A Regency Romance

4 thoughts on “A Regency Romance

  1. How much more handsome the post looks here! Thank you for this reblog. And thank you, Pete, for your endorsement, too. Far too kind, of course – it’s the subject matter – that old Regency charm doing its work again.

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