What’s in a name?…Savile Row | Exploring London

savile-rowFamous around the world as the home of bespoke tailoring in London, Savile Row owes its name – like so many other streets in Mayfair – to landowner Richard Boyle, the 3rd Earl of Burlington.

Burlington (1612-98) resided at Burlington House (now home of the Royal Academy of Arts) on Piccadilly and after his death the land around his former home was developed and the streets named for Burlington and members of his family.

Among them was his wife, Lady Burlington, née Lady Dorothy Savile, after whom Savile Row was named. Laid out in 1695, the street was actually located on the site of the former kitchen gardens of Burlington House and was given its name (originally Savile Street) in…

Source: What’s in a name?…Savile Row | Exploring London

2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?…Savile Row | Exploring London

  1. I worked at West End Central Police Station, 27 Savile Row, for a few years. It is a wonderful Art Deco style building at the end of the street. That gave me daily opportunities to admire the windows of the tailors’ shops, even though I could never have afforded to have a suit made in any of them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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