The Last Days Of London | Spitalfields Life

At twelve years old, he photographed the end of the trams in 1952 and, since then, Spitalfields Life Contributing Photographer Colin O’Brien has become fascinated by recording the ‘last days’ of vanishing aspects of London Life …

Thames Embankment, 1952 “When I was twelve, the trams stopped running forever so I took this picture with my box camera while the driver posed for me. I loved going out with my dad on Sunday mornings for a ride through the Kingsway Tunnel and out on to the Embankment. It was even more exciting if we managed to get the front seat on the top deck where I could imagine I was…

Source:  The Last Days Of London | Spitalfields Life.

2 thoughts on “The Last Days Of London | Spitalfields Life

  1. You will know how much I enjoyed these, Sarah. I cannot think of a better reason to have a camera, than to document such things for the edification of future generations. Good subjects, and poignant photos too.
    My Mum always told me that she took me on the last tram to run along Tooley Street, in 1952. I was still a babe in arms, so have no recollection, but she thought that I would be pleased to know about it, when I got older. And of course I was.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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