Old London Trade Cards | Spitalfields Life

Is your purse or wallet like mine, bulging with old trade cards? Do you always take a card from people handing them out in the street, just to be friendly? Do you pick up interesting cards in idle moments, intending to look at them later, and find them months afterwards in your pocket and wonder how they got there? So it has been for over three hundred years in London, since the beginning of the seventeenth century when trade cards began to be produced as the first advertising. Here is a selection of cards you might find, rummaging through a drawer in the eighteenth century…

Source: Old London Trade Cards | Spitalfields Life.


2 thoughts on “Old London Trade Cards | Spitalfields Life

  1. These were most enjoyable to look through, and so much more entertaining than their modern equivalents. I like the fact that few had a ‘real’ address, and seemed to run their business from a pub, or close to a church, so that customers had a landmark to look for.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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