Dublin 1916 | Jean Reinhardt

Ruins of the Metropole Hotel, Sackville Street (Courtesy of National Library of Ireland)

This year being the centenary anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin, there has been more than the usual effort put into relating and remembering events that led to Ireland becoming an independent nation. Here, we don’t have a particular date for an Independence Day – as does America with the 4th of July – but it was with the Rising that Ireland declared its independence from Britain. As I think of those fateful events that took place one hundred years ago I am reminded of a family member who was in Dublin city at the time.

My husband’s grandfather, Christopher, tried to join the British army when he was 13 years old; his older brother, Michael, was already fighting in France with the 8th Battalion of The Dublin Fusiliers. He never said much about the Rising, yet he lived in one of the tenement buildings of inner city Dublin and probably heard the gunfire from his home, but I do remember him…

Source: Dublin 1916 | Jean Reinhardt


4 thoughts on “Dublin 1916 | Jean Reinhardt

  1. A tragic tale from the history of Ireland’s struggles. Even after the uprising, the civil war set friend against friend, and many old scores were settled. Still in the news today, after all this time, the fight for complete independence (inclusion of the six counties) continues. I doubt that I will ever see a resolution in my lifetime.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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