18th and 19th Century: Snuff Accessories

Source: 18th and 19th Century.


Snuff Box of Louis XV’s Children

Snuff, a pulverized form of tobacco, became popular from the mid 1600s to the mid 1800s and was more popular than smoking. It was enjoyed by all classes and by both sexes, despite certain critics claiming it “deformed the nose, stained the skin, [and] tainted the breath. The popularity of snuff resulted in a highly lucrative business not only for tobacco growers but also for manufacturers of snuff accessories. That was because snuff takers needed a variety of accessories to accommodate their snuffing habit. This wide variety of accessories was something the English Elizabethan dramatist and pamphleteer, Thomas Dekker, termed “artillery,” and the artillery included such things as snuff boxes, snuff jar or bottles, snuff mills, snuff rasps, and snuff spoons.

The centerpiece of snuffing was the snuff box (called snuff mull in Scotland). Snuff boxes were popular because…

Source: 18th and 19th Century: Snuff Accessories.


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