The Great Serbian Retreat 1915 | W.U Hstry

In the early days of World War 1 Serbia achieved some remarkable victories against the first invading Austro-Hungarian forces. The Serbian army had managed to repulse three successive large-scale invasions, but by December 1915, was forced to retreat.

After the efforts of the Austro-Hungarians increased, and were then backed up by German and Bulgarian forces, the Serbian Army found itself far more outnumbered than ever before. On top of this, Serbia had only just been through the worst typhus epidemic in history for most of the year until October, losing around 150,000 people in addition to the many more casualties of war.

Shortly after the massive invasion in October, a full retreat was ordered, with the plan to head south through allied Montenegro and neutral Albania. Unfortunately, the journey would not go as planned for multiple reasons. The retreating forces were joined with a mass evacuation of civilians, who were equally under-prepared and…

Source: The Great Serbian Retreat 1915 | W.U Hstry


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