War Toys for Christmas: 1914-1917 | Mrs Daffodil Digresses


Toy Makers Take Cue from War Now Raging, and Miniature Armies and Ordnance is in Style

Santa Claus will fill the stockings of Emporia boys and girls this year with guns, cannon, soldiers and warlike toys such as they never before have seen. It will be a military Christmas and the Emporia youngsters will fight the battles of the Argonne and Ypres like the real soldiers across the Atlantic, only the soldiers will be tin and the guns small and harmless.

The Emporia stores have their toys on display this week and in their big stock are many war implements. Miniature Krupp guns will slaughter tin soldiers in front of the fireplace Christmas Day, and the boys will imitate the Belgians and Germans with an assortment of…

Source: War Toys for Christmas: 1914-1917 | Mrs Daffodil Digresses

2 thoughts on “War Toys for Christmas: 1914-1917 | Mrs Daffodil Digresses

  1. It may not be very PC, but I would really like to have some of those WW1 toys now. I also had soldiers, forts, tanks, and other military toys when I was young. I just saw it as a phase then, but I wish I had kept them in good condition, as they would be nice souvenirs of my youth now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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