The Oil Story: 1 The Uneven Playing Field. | First World War Hidden History

In previous blogs we have shown how the Secret Elite intentionally prolonged the war beyond the Spring of 1915 by providing Germany with raw materials for armaments production and food for her army. There were various facets to the great deception. From the outset, Germany’s crucial source of iron ore from the Briey basin on the Franco-German border was deliberately left intact though it could readily have been destroyed. German commanders admitted that the war would have been over by the summer of 1915 had the Briey supplies been halted.[1] Britain simultaneously ran a sham naval blockade through which food, gun-cotton and desperately needed minerals, including zinc and copper, for armaments production were allowed to pour into Germany. [2] In conjunction with these inactions, a great ‘humanitarian’ deception under the guise of ‘Belgian Relief’ was used as a cover for provisioning the German army. This allowed it to keep fighting and so…

Source: The Oil Story: 1 The Uneven Playing Field. | First World War Hidden History

2 thoughts on “The Oil Story: 1 The Uneven Playing Field. | First World War Hidden History

  1. The more I read about this period, the more it seems that the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers ruled the known world, with their vast wealth. The rest seems to have been an illusion. Chilling to contemplate.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • An illusion indeed. What is even more frightening is that although we get to hear more about underhand machinations in the 21st century, one just knows that there’s so much more that is being done in our name than we will ever know. Chilling indeed.

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