So fell the mighty warrior…

Narva – the capitulation of the Russians

On the last day of November 1718, the Swedish Empire hit the dust, crumbling into non-existence with the death of Karl XII. This our last warrior king was out inspecting his positions in Norway when an unidentified object hit him in the temple and killed him. Since then, debate has raged as to whether it was the Norwegians who killed him or one of his own: Karl XII at the time was not a popular king, his bellicose policy having more or less ruined his homeland.


Karl XII, at fifteen

Karl XII became king at the tender age of fifteen. His father Karl XI died in 1697, and it had been his wish that the country he left to his underage son be ruled by a council until little Karl came of age. Not to be, as the proposed members of the council were rather unpopular among the higher levels of nobility. Instead, one of these sleazy counts suggested at the next Parliament that the king was wise enough to rule on his own. Acclamation followed (clearly carefully planted) and the young king, flushed with pride, saw no reason…

Source: So fell the mighty warrior…

One thought on “So fell the mighty warrior…

  1. A rarely discussed, yet pivotal period in the history of Europe. By coincidence, I was given a print of the painting shown, the dead king carried home to Sweden, by a friend. He knew of my interest in the exploits of Gustavas Adolphus during the Thirty Years War, (1618-1648), and although it had little relevance, he thought I would like it.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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